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A Simple Pleasure Treasure Moment to talk about

I have been struggling with a respiratory infection for a month now.  I also have asthma and infections always trigger a flare-up.  I have been on antibiotics, additional asthma meds, and stayed home a couple of days to rest.  All … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Natural Way

I am a clean freak.  I admit it.  My  bathroom and kitchen need to be clean or I can’t stand to use them.  The rest of my house can be cluttered and dust ridden and I  tolerate that within reason.  … Continue reading

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Olive Oil’s Place in Beauty

Many in our society are beginning to realize that simplifying life is a goal worth reaching because we are over extended mentally, physically, and economically.  Combine this sentiment with eco-awareness, and we find a whole population of people looking for … Continue reading

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