A Simple Pleasure Treasure Moment to talk about

Today's moment was amazing!

I have been struggling with a respiratory infection for a month now.  I also have asthma and infections always trigger a flare-up.  I have been on antibiotics, additional asthma meds, and stayed home a couple of days to rest.  All to no avail.  I was still running a low grade fever, struggling to get a breath and feeling exhausted in mind and body.

My pulminary specialist is a fantastic doctor!  He knows me and he trusts that I know my body.  I have been going to him for the last 20 years and generally I recover quickly once I am under his care.  This time improvement seemed a distant wish.  This was the fourth time I called him in the past month because I still felt horrible.  During the office visit today he completed a traditional physical and drew some conclusions about the course of action.  He also took a moment to check my energy levels and determined I was energy depleted. He feared my body did not have the strength to work with the medications to bring about recovery.  He suggested an “energy healing.”

I am open to non-traditional medicine because I know the body is ultimately responsible for its own healing.  I depend on the help traditional medicine provides my body to heal itself, but I am not blind to the possibility that alternative medicine has great value in assisting traditional medicine in the healing process.  Let’s face it, non-traditional medicine has been around for thousands of years in non-western cultures and it brings about results.

I experienced an energy healing today.  I can’t tell you exactly how long it lasted but I think about 30 minutes.  We sat in comfy chairs across the room from one another and my doctor began to channel energy my way.  There was no talking.  I didn’t know what to expect but I began to feel something working inside my body; a sort of movement and gentle pressure here and there.  I won’t take the time to explain the entire process but I can tell you that somewhere in the middle of the healing I felt  peace and physical relaxation come over me to the point that I actually slumped.  My breathing eased remarkably, my coughing subsided, my lung congestion eased and I came away feeling a tremendous improvement in my body’s ability to function.

The healing experience  renewed my energy level and my spirit.  I feel life-force again working to sustain me.  I feel energy coming to my rescue and I am happy.  This was a great day!

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