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Winter can Be Beautiful

  Winter is a tedious time of year for me.  Drab days are common in the Midwest from November until March and frequently include cloud-cover, rain, snow, or all of the above conditions.  It’s no wonder folks suffer depression during … Continue reading

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Reliable Home-made Yogurt!

  I own two Salton yogurt makers:  a 5 cup and a 5 pint.  I have tried more recipes than I care to admit with little or no success.  Inevitably every recipe came out too runny for my palate.  I … Continue reading

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Making Dreams Takes Hard Work

This weekend I took my first steps toward realizing a dream I have been thinking about for years!  I am proud, excited, and desperately exhausted….. When my husband suffered a debilitating heart attach 3 years ago, our lives turned upside … Continue reading

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What is the Simple Life?

We unfortunately live in a culture where every self-respecting individual feels compelled to schedule each minute of the day with some kind of productive activity.  Adults go to work, meet with friends, go to the gym, work late hours, work … Continue reading

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A Simple Pleasure Treasure Moment to talk about

I have been struggling with a respiratory infection for a month now.  I also have asthma and infections always trigger a flare-up.  I have been on antibiotics, additional asthma meds, and stayed home a couple of days to rest.  All … Continue reading

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