Blue Skies make me Smile

Yesterday my choir had a performance in a city an hour and a half away.  I admit I felt a twinge of anxiety when I stepped into our school’s new minibus as the driver.  I am a farm girl and have driven a wide variety of vehicles, but this thing is big!

As we pulled onto the interstate a silence rolled over the bus and the rhythm of the road settled in.  I enjoyed a long, un-interupted moment admiring the beautiful blue sky as white whispy clouds danced before my eyes.  The sun warmed my face, my whole being, even though the day was a chilly 30 degrees.   In most circumstances this moment would have been the best thing about the day.  But there was more.

My vocal ensemble participated in a choir festival where approximately 250 students gathered together to share their love and passion for music.  I observed  joy on their faces during each activity of the day,  culminating in excited chatter as they relived the wonderful experiences of the day.

I was blessed with two simple pleasure treasures yesterday!  What did you treasure yesterday?


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1 Response to Blue Skies make me Smile

  1. Jayvee says:

    There’s ntoihng like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

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