Today’s Simple Pleasure Treasure

Today’s pleasure treasure offered me a moment to feel valued; happening during a time when my value as a music teacher at my school is questionable. It’s a great feeling to know my students value the musical opportunities I work continually to offer them.

I teach music at a private catholic high school and freshman chorus has been a required class for many years.   I find that while many students are less than enthusiastic about taking the class at the start of school, by this point in the year their opinions have usually changed. I was reassured today that once again, this is the case.

My freshman shared with me today they were so glad they had to take freshman chorus because they’ve learned so much about music and in the process discovered they really like it!  Several shared that music isn’t a part of their home environments and they are so glad to have a chance to experience it at school and furthermore, learn something about how to make music. 

What a great moment for a classroom music teacher.  To be told  I am instrumental in enriching and broadening students lives by providing them the opportunity to experience music first hand, brings me such joy.  It’s validation at it’s best and it comes from the best source:  my students.  Thank you kids for giving me a moment of joy!

Keep looking for your simple pleasure treasures and if your willing, share with me some of your discoveries.  I would love to hear and share with others  how taking notice of everyday pleasures improves lives.

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1 Response to Today’s Simple Pleasure Treasure

  1. Elly says:

    I could watch Schindler’s List and still be happy after radeing this.

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