The Power of Music

Classical Archives: Don’t Miss This!: July 31, 2011

Take a moment and view the video in the link above.

I came across this video and had to share it because I am a music teacher and this video represents why I remain so passionate about my vocation:  the value of music in everyday life.  I’m sure you have heard of “spontaneous musical events.”  If not, let me explain.  In recent years, professional music organizations have ventured outside the performance hall venue to bring music to the people, where they live and work.  Musicians are asked to “randomly” arrive at a location and perform a piece of music for passer-by’s.  I have never been lucky enough to have witnessed such an event personally, but I have been lucky enough to participate in such events.  I am so touched and awestruck by the power of such momentary interactions generated between the music and the people; young and old.  Music is an art form that touches all of us in such positive ways.  It can speed us up, slow us down, make us cry, make us laugh, bring us joy, give us strength, unify our causes and bring us peace.  In short, music is a valuable and priceless gift…a simple pleasure to be treasured and shared.

Somewhere along the line in our current culture, the appreciation of classical music has been stereotyped to an older, affluent generation.  While true that typical patrons of the arts are affluent and influential individuals or successful corporations; everyone, including you and me,  can and should appreciate good music made well.

But music is more than good music made well.  Music is a form of communication that transcends all barriers.  Even the deaf can feel the vibration of music and experience it, or witness the expression conveyed through body language and feel it.  It’s important to remember that each one of us has a voice.  It may not be perfect and more importantly, it doesn’t have to be.  We can sing the National Anthem with pride, join in the congregational singing of hymns, and send our best wishes and love to friends and family by singing “Happy Birthday.”   Sing in the shower, Sing in the car, Sing with your friends, and Sing with Total Strangers.  Making, sharing  and appreciating music is truly one of Life’s Simple Pleasures…  .

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2 Responses to The Power of Music

  1. Just wanted to comment on your web picture. Everytime I open your site, I find your picture so restful. I am not sure why it triggers such a peaceful response-I think the lovely green with the light shining through. What a wonderful photo!

  2. beiersdo says:

    This is one of my favorites too! I was lucky to get this shot early one morning just outside my house looking down to the garden. It was midsummer and the greenery was lush and inviting.

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