Just being together…

My husband and I recently celebrated 33 years of marriage. When we discussed what each of us wanted as an anniversary present, we agreed that time together to talk and “just be” was the best present we could give each other. We ate lunch at a local diner and ran some errands; all the while bringing memories of our past to life again, as well as, looking forward towards the future. Unromantic you say….We talked about good and bad times we lived through as a couple and marveled at the strength of the love we have for one another. It was a great present to give each other!

Materialistic “things” would never have been strong enough on their own merit to get us through the tough spots all these years. We were lucky to have chosen wisely and married our soul-mate; someone who would love us no matter what. Someone who shares the same joys. Someone who is different enough from ourselves that our life is both enriched and challenged by their presence. Someone who loves us enough to keep working at keeping the relationship alive.

The next time a special occasion approaches for someone close to you, consider the value of sincerely sharing yourself. Make time to “just be,” to talk, to share, to dream, to remember.

Do It Yourself Lip Balm that keeps your lips ready to share…
Makes 4-1/2 ounce portions

1 Tbsp beeswax pearls
1 Tbsp avocado butter
2 Tbsp sweet almond oil
10-15 drops essential oils (peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, vanilla or rose scent, etc) Read the labels to make sure the oils are pure and contain no alcohol!

Melt beeswax, avocado butter, and almond oil together in a double boiler or heat safe bowl in simmering water; stir continuously. Once liquefied remove from heat and wisk in essential oils. Working quickly transfer to a container with a pouring spout and fill lip balm containers. Cool until completely cooled and solid. Label and store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients and suitable containers may be purchased at your local craft store, or check out BrambleBerry.com.

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