Snow Days

Snow days offer a chance to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Watching snow fall from your back door is mesmerizing and looking over a stretch of nature untouched by human feet is a delight everyone needs to experience. Snow days enable us to take time to enjoy what we have.  Snow Days are a good time to try a new use of your creative energy and cook a meal with what you have on hand.   Vegetable soup simmering on your stove makes the house smell delicious!  While you’re at it, try making bread.

Here is a recipe to try on a cold day:

1 quart tomato juice; 2 cups water or broth; 2 Tbls olive oil and butter; 1 cup rice; 1 cup lentils; 1 can 15 oz black beans; sweet pepper, diced to taste; any vegetable of your choice to taste; garlic powder, salt, pepper, cumin, cajun seasoning all to taste.

Bring butter, oil, water and juice to a boil; add rice and lentils; bring to simmer and reduce heat to low.  After approx 20 minutes stir in spices, beans and vegetables. Mix and simmer till warm through. Serve with salad, fruit, and homemade bread for a delicious hot meal.

The next time you have a chance to stay at home on a snow day, enjoy the beauty of the falling snow with a cup of your favorite tea and conjure up a meal that will feed your body and your soul.

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2 Responses to Snow Days

  1. Cori B. Grandle says:

    That soup suggestion sounds amazing! And those are the exact spices I would want to throw in… the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! 😉

  2. tgrandle says:

    Great post! Sounds really tasty.

    Here is a little inspiration for you – Obsession Times Voice

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