Love Blackberries?

Quarter Amish Farm

24611 Van Wedding Road, Sunman, IN 47041

call at 812-623-2803 or 812-584-8193

It’s July and the thornless blackberries are ready to pick.  Come rain or shine, and pick under the high tunnel.  This is a great outing for families to experience the taste of nature. Check out my recipes to preserve and enjoy these beauties all season long.  Come early to beat the heat.  Don’t let this simple pleasure get away from you this year.

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1 Response to Love Blackberries?

  1. Margaret(Peg) Neth says:

    I now live up north in Indiana. I was fortunate to enjoy the blackberries while in the area. Are you still making the blackberry vinegar syrup? And if so, can I get some shipped to me? Please advise and ,alas, mine is gone.

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