Thornless Blackberries are ripe and ready for picking

Thornless Blackberries are ready for picking! The berries are big, juicy and delicious!  Morning is the best time to pick for both you and the berries, as the heat of the day is rough on both.

We have blackberries in a high tunnel green house so you can pick rain or shine.  Most of the blackberries can be picked standing with little or no stooping!

We still have red raspberries, but they are coming to a close.  If you want red raspberries, now is the time to come and pick!


U Pick Blackberries.  What to do with berries when you get home?

U Pick Blackberries from our farm.  

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1 Response to Thornless Blackberries are ripe and ready for picking

  1. Margaret(Peg) Neth says:

    Would love to know hours of the store at the Orchard. Also is Blackberry Vinegar Syrup still available there/and at what cost per quart? Thanks!

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