Pick Your Own Blackberries!

High Tunnel greenhouse planted with blackberries and raspberries;  trellised to make picking easy.

Last year began an adventure on our farm.  My husband, the horticulturist, built a high-tunnel greenhouse and together we planted two hundred thorn-less blackberry plants along with some red raspberries. We tended and nurtured the plants, and with great anticipation, happily announce we will offer blackberries for picking within 7-10 days. Ripening depends on the weather, so please contact us prior to the trip for berry availability to prevent wasted trips.  Once the season gets underway operational hours will be posted.

Quarter Amish is listed  on PickYourOwn.org.  A visit to this site helps you find U-Pick farms in your area and a vast resource of links: picking tips, freezing berries, making jams and jellies, etc.  Please take a moment to check us out and if you wish, relay additional information that would be useful in our listing.

If you live in South East Indiana, consider taking an opportunity to visit our farm and pick sweet juicy blackberries with the family.  If you are interested in responsible agriculture, my husband and I welcome the chance to share our knowledge about raising fruits, vegetables, dairy goats, chickens and alpacas with others.

Blackberries are a wonderful addition to your diet as they provide fiber, a host of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  They are low in calories and have a low glycemic value for those working to keep blood sugar levels steady. They keep in the refrigerator for several days and can be easily frozen to enjoy all year long. Blackberry jam or syrup makes a great homemade gift that always is appreciated.

Sweet, juicy, and healthy!

Sweet, juicy, and healthy! One of Many Life’s Simple Pleasures!

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